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Jeremiah LittleJohn

My goal is to provide a quality service to our customers in a orderly and mannerly fashion. In short, to lay stone, to be happy and successful in doing so.

I believe that the art of stonework in todays fast and modern times has been forgotten, for the most part. For over 5,000 years, the old timers have been passing this laborious and beautiful trade down the line.

I started doing stonework in 2002 and I see no end in sight. I feel it is my destiny to be a mason. I love stone and the way it takes shape, much like a puzzle.

I first started working in dry stack retaining walls and then I moved on to stone veneer and flagstone work. To me each job or project takes on a life of it's own. Each project is so different from the other.

I often encourage home owners to throw out concepts and ideas so that we can make their vision of what they want come true. Because after all "it's set in stone".

Jeremiah Stone LittleJohn.

Jeremiah LittleJohn


One of the ways I ensure the highest quality stonework to our customers is to incorporate sustainable materials and techniques into all projects. There are several ways to incorporate sustainability into stonework.

The first step is through careful material selection. The use of natural local stone types, of which there are many, is typically, a more sustainable choice than the use of manufactured cultured stone products.

Stone harvested within one hundred miles (Western North Carolina and East Tennessee) has a lower embodied energy than cultured stone or stone from outside of this region. This means that the overall amount of energy that is consumed to place the stone into your project is much less than stone that travels farther. This makes it more sustainable.

Another way to reduce embodied energy is to use non quarried local stone. This not only reduces embodied energy, but it imbues your local environment right into your project.

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Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work on many types of stone masonry projects.

Some of the projects I have worked on, but not limited to are: Dry Stacked, Stone Fireplaces, Column Work, Cultured Stone, Custom Work, Grottos, Veneer, etc..

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