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One of the ways I ensure the highest quality stonework to our customers is to incorporate sustainable materials and techniques into all projects. There are several ways to incorporate sustainability into stonework.

The first step is through careful material selection. The use of natural local stone types, of which there are many, is typically a more sustainable choice than the use of manufactured cultured stone products.

Stone harvested within one hundred miles Western North Carolina and East Tennessee has a lower embodied energy than cultured stone or stone from outside of this region. This means that the overall amount of energy that is consumed to place the stone into your project is much less than stone that travels farther.

Another way to reduce embodied energy is to use non quarried local stone. This not only reduces embodied energy, but it imbues your local environment right into your project.


Vinegar - Acid Wash


Vinegar - Acid wash

Finishes and Stone Treatments

We use Stone Coat Masonry Hardener from Earthpaint.  It is Durable, Natural, Breathable,and has Zero VOC (volatile organic compounds).  This product can be used on Stucco, Concrete, Cement, Clay plaster, and Earthen plaster.  Click here to learn more about this product.

Earth Paints

Linseed Oil

Linseed Oil is its own preserver, the finest known to mankind. Not only does Linseed Oil preserve, but it also waterproofs. Linseed Oil also makes an attractive and decorative finish.

Linseed Oil Preserver.